The Case of the Missing Servant – Tarquin Hall

My Rating – 4/5

Summary –

Vish Puri, founder of Most Private Investigators Ltd. undertakes to trace a maidservant known only as Mary in order to acquit her employer, a lawyer accused of murdering her and dumping her body.

Review –

Meet Vish Puri. He is portly, opinionated and Punjabi to the core. He loves his three square meals a day punctuated by chilly pakoras in between. You can underestimate him but only at your own peril. Inspired by Chanakya, world’s oldest spymaster, Puri is deft in handling any case though his bread and butter come from screening prospective marriage partners.

Hall’s writing is refreshing and original. His characters are real and drawn from the Indian plethora underlining Hall’s knowledge of North India. What strikes immediate chord with you is the language of his characters.  We hardly realise in our day to day life the funny way English (or Hinglish – Hindi+English) is spoken throughout the length and breadth of India.

The subplot involving Puri’s Mummi-ji, widowed, retired headmistress and wife of a police officer and therefore perfectly competent to be a sleuth (though Puri thinks otherwise), is equally ensnaring.

Interspersed with humour, The Case of the Missing Servant is a crisp read. I am eagerly looking forward to Puri’s next cases.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

The book is available cheapest in India at –

1. Indiaplaza  2. Infibeam

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