Plugged – Eoin Colfer

My Rating – 3.75/5

Summary –

What happens when your girlfriend is murdered and you are suspected of the crime? When your best friend is kidnapped and you happen to kill one of his kidnappers who happen to be the henchman for the most notorious drug peddler in the town? Worse still when your kidnapped friend is living in your head and talking to you as your alter ego? All of this in just one day… and throughout this mayhem the only worry on your mind is about your new hair plugs.

Review –

Those who have been reading Artemis Fowl series will realise that Plugged is the breakaway novel for Eoin Colfer. Plugged is racy, has a twisted plot to the extent of feeling surreal sometimes. Daniel McEvoy is ex-Irish Army working his nights as a doorman in a sleepy town in the United States. Then one night his relatively calm world turns upside down. Daniel races against time to save his friend and the only ally in his quest is a female cop who has also killed her own partner.

The book is non-stop. It races through the pages without giving you time to pause and think. Almost all the characters have an eccentric bend. I am waiting for this script to land in the hands of someone like Christopher Nolan.

If you already are a Colfer fan or if you love fast pitched thrillers, this is the book for you.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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