Bad Things Happen – Harry Dolan

My Rating – 4/5              

Summary –

Plans go wrong. Bad things happen. People die. Harry Dolan’s debut novel builds an intricate web of lies, deceit and murder. David Loogan or the man who calls himself David Loogan is living a reclusive life in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He develops friendship with Tom Kristoll, publisher of a mystery magazine and accepts work as editor at his magazine. But soon his isolated life upheavals as things start going wrong and dead bodies start tumbling.

 Review –

David Loogan is an interesting character and in an interesting profession too. He is editor of a mystery magazine aptly named “Gray Streets”. He is inscrutable, loner and a man with a past. Right from first sentence Dolan has built up and maintained the enigma around Loogan. He is laconic and we know nothing about him. Not even his personality, complexion, weight, height. Dolan shapes his character very slowly and we come to know David Loogan but only in due course. Loogan’s solitude is broken when he develops friendship with Tom Kristoll who offers him job as editor at Gray Streets. Soon Loogan is drawn into an affair with Tom’s pretty wife Laura. Things are going fine until one night when Tom invites him to his house and shares a secret with him. Soon bad things happen and people start to die. Tom Kristoll is murdered in his office. Detective Elizabeth Waishkey is not sure about Loogan’s role in Tom’s murder though Loogan has alibi and offers his help to solve Tom’s murder. More dead bodies appear and Loogan is convinced that somehow the murders are connected to Gray Streets. But his past catches up with him and he himself is now a wanted man. Detective Waishkey is not sure about Loogan’s motive in helping her. Has he a secret agenda of his own? Are the murders really connected? What have Gray Streets and people associated with it to do with the murders? And who is David Loogan?

Bad Things Happen is well written and Dolan has constructed an absorbing maze. He develops the characters gradually but definitively. While reading I had a feeling at times as if I am walking through a fog when the mystery starts building. It got bit confusing in the middle as there were too many theories but Dolan has tied up all the loose threads neatly in the end.

Certainly a book worth giving a try by mystery lovers. I will surely be reading next David Loogan mystery.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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