Revolution 2020 – Chetan Bhagat

My Rating – 2.5/5

Summary –

Revolution 2020 is the story of Gopal, Raghav and Aarti. It is about two childhood friends who find themselves at loggerheads due to their divergent ambitions. While Gopal caves in to the system, Raghav fights it.

Review –

Revolution 2020 is a standard Chetan Bhagat book. CB has now set a pattern for his books. It is always a love story with a backdrop of some current issue (Education, Career, Gujarat riots, North-South divide etc. etc.). The “Hero” who is usually the narrator of the story is a loser who manages to turnaround the things in the nick of time and also get his girl (but not in this book) who is always the prettiest girl in the town. There is a concoction of sex, violence, emotions and drama – recipe for a perfect masala Hindi movie.

I cannot say I really liked Revolution 2020. The main problem for me was that though it is supposed to be about two friends, Gopal and Raghav, their friendship is not at all developed in the book. It never assumes the pivotal role and hence fails to provide the various shades of emotions during different phases of their lives. Throughout the entire 300 pages, there is hardly a time when Gopal and Raghav are actually together just as two really good school friends ought to be. The book is more about Gopal and Aarti and Gopal’s one sided love for her. Raghav seems to be a mere acquaintance. CB has failed to provide real depth to any of the characters, more so to Raghav. He remains in the background and never takes part in any life changing events of Gopal. Raghav stays aloof in Gopal’s difficult times and does not offer a helping hand. Even his passion to cleanse the corrupt system and revolutionise the country failed to strike a chord. So I was hardly moved by Raghav’s plight when he became the victim of the system.

Another let down was the language. CB is a good story-teller but his books can hardly be remembered for their language and that’s a big shortcoming which I think he also has acknowledged in one of the interviews. I am not sure what CB’s intention was for telling this story, but if it was about inspiring his readers to fight corruption (At least that’s what the title suggests), then I have my own doubts.

Revolution 2020 is a “time pass” read, but having really liked “Five Point Someone”, I had high hopes which unfortunately none of the subsequent book has been able to meet.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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One thought on “Revolution 2020 – Chetan Bhagat

  1. I was eagerly waiting to borrow this book from my friend since quite some time. I guess u r right, this is a turn off. Good that I dint invest money or time in it. None of his sequels to five point..matched that level. Good review 🙂 Thanks


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