Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident – Eoin Colfer

My Rating – 3.5/5

Summary –

Artemis Fowl, the 12 year criminal master mind is back. But this time he is actually helping the People (fairies) to save their world. Convinced that his father, Artemis Fowl Sr. who went missing two years ago in the Artic is still alive, Artemis is frantically searching for him. The fairies in the meanwhile are fighting a sinister plot and suspect Artemis to be behind it as usual. But this time fairies are wrong and they are forced to team up with their arch nemesis to save their world from a mutiny.

Review –

I kept this series on my TBR list for a long long time. But after reading Plugged, I could not wait. Plugged had such a twisted, sassy plot and quirky characters that I felt compelled to check upon Artemis Fowl to have some more dose of the same and he did not disappoint. It’s a fun read with cool, smart characters and a fast paced, relatively straightforward storyline. Artemis is cunning and sly as usual and Captain Holly Short of LEP is street smart and spontaneous as ever. Holly is still livid with Artemis for stealing the fairy gold and keeping her ransom. So when she finds that the goblins are being helped by an outsider she suspects Artemis and wants to question him. But someone more sinister is behind the goblins and Holly is forced to accept Artemis’s help. Artemis in turn is going to need as much fairy magic as he can if he wants to save his father from the Russian mafia.

It’s good to see the characters developing further after the first book. Artemis is thirteen and shows signs of adolescence and developing conscious. Holly on the other hand is still suspicious and their banter continues. Foaly, the geek Centaur is obnoxious and irritating as ever and Butler, the rock solid bodyguard of Artemis is as always dependable. But the character that was most fun was Mulch Diggums, the kleptomaniac dwarf who helps them to get into the Koboi labs.

The Arctic Incident is a quick read, something that keeps you engaged throughout in spite of a simple plot. If you are in a mood for light, fast paced action then The Arctic Incident is a perfect read. An ideal book for the summer with a heady concoction of adventure, magic and high tech gizmos for the children and adults alike.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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