This Is Where I Leave You – Jonathan Tropper

My Rating – 4/5

Summary –

Judd Foxman’s life is a complete mess. In the mid-thirties, his marriage has failed after he found his wife in a compromising position with his boss, has no job now and his father is dead. To make the matter worse, he is supposed to sit Shiva, the seven days mourning with his family that is as messed up as him and the Foxman siblings can hardly stand each other.

Review –

This Is Where I Leave You is hilarious in a wicked sort of way. I had not met such a dysfunctional family before. Hillary Foxman, who is a shrink and a best-selling author on parenting and her four kids when put together under the same roof are utter chaos. The Foxman siblings, Wendy, Paul, Judd and Phillip can’t stop getting on each other’s nerves. Grappling with their father’s death they are also trying to sort out the rut that their life has become. Each one deals with his despair and anguish in his unique style creating riotous laughs. The best part about the book is the dialogues. I just could not stop laughing through most of the book.

If you consider yourself a morally upright person, then a note of caution for you. This book has SEX all over it. And this is an understatement. The bold, capital letters are not typo error either. Judd tells us the sexscapdes of the entire Foxman clan complete with explicit description. The only thing that is missing is illustrations. I wonder how this book managed to remain under the radar of the moral police in India. Bashing anything that offends somebody has become our national time pass and with one billion people there is hardly anything that does not offend somebody. A book like this is a perfect target for all the petty ruffians who imagine themselves as future hotshot politicians. Using all possible means to banish such a book is just one of the baby steps that they must take on the steep ladder of their political ascent. And No, reading the book  is not necessary to demand a ban on it. On the contrary, this also presents a great opportunity to make your book highly popular. Bigger the controversy, more the demand! The trick here is to kick up a storm around your book big enough for people to take notice and get interested but not big enough for the government to get interested and actually ban it. Then just sit back, watch the fun and LOL all the way to your bank. Are you reading Mr. Tropper?

I know this is unfair, but I could not help comparing This Is Where I Leave You with Mathew Norman’s Domestic Violets. Both are incredibly funny, deal with failing marriages, infidelity, and dysfunctional families. I ended up liking Domestic Violets more but then it’s a personal choice. But I liked the end of TIWILY more as Judd Foxman makes it clear that love in real life is more twisted and warped and there are no fairy tale endings.

This Is Where I Leave You is a script writer’s dream. The book is perfect for adaptation to a movie and I read that Warner Brothers are making a movie on it. I will be eagerly waiting for its release.

I am not sure if my review will give you an idea about how funny the book really is. You will have to try it yourself.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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