Very Bad Men – Harry Dolan

My Rating – 3.25/5

Summary –

“I killed Henry Kormoran in his apartment on Linden Street”reads first line of the manuscript that is left at the reception desk at Gray Streets. The last line reads “Sutton Bell is next”. A killer is on the loose in Ann Arbor and David Loogan is invariably drawn in a case that is actually much more than it meets the eye.

Review –

Harry Dolan’s debut novel Bad Things Happen was a surprisingly interesting read and I was quite enamoured by David Loogan. So it was imperative that I would try his next novel as soon as I can. Loogan is still the editor of mystery magazine Gray Streets. He is living with detective Elizabeth Waishkey. A serial killer is on a killing spree. But he is a killer with a conscious. He is targeting those who took part in a bank robbery seventeen years ago that resulted in the sheriff getting hit by a bullet and as a result stuck to wheelchair for the rest of his life. The sheriff’s daughter, Callie Spencer is now running for senate. The two events are interlinked and reporter Lucy Navarro thinks that somehow Callie is involved. Then Lucy goes missing.

Very Bad Men was a mix read. The story started on a high with a very promising plot. The character of serial killer Anthony Lark is intriguing due to his obsession for Callie Spencer and her gorgeous smile. All the other characters are equally well drawn. There are two parallel tracks running and I kept wondering which one is a red herring.  Like the first novel, Dolan adds many twists and turns. But I felt that in doing so Dolan kept lots of loose threads hanging and the plot got too much twisted in the middle. Unlike first novel where Loogan clearly showed better deduction prowess, he seemed confused and kept on wandering down wrong paths. I guess Dolan is also aware about this and that’s why he attributes this to Loogan’s active imagination. However both the tracks converge in the end neatly and Dolan offers a satisfying explanation for all the mysteries.

If you have read Bad Things Happen, then you may want to read this book. Otherwise I suggest to wait for the next book in the series.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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