All Shall Be Well – Deborah Crombie

My Rating – 4/5

Summary –

When Jasmine Dent, Superintendent Duncan Kincaid’s neighbour dies in her sleep, nobody has a reason to believe something might be wrong. Jasmine was suffering from terminal cancer and Duncan should have been relieved because of her painless death. But his instincts tell him to look deeper. Did Jasmine commit suicide as she had wanted? Or did somebody accelerate her death? But then why would someone want to hurt her when her days were already numbered?

Review –

It was a coincidence that I read Elly Griffiths’ A Room Full of Bones and All Shall Be Well in quick succession. It was Griffiths who first introduced me to Julian of Norwich whose famous lines “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well” form the title of this book. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have a lot of catching up to do on this series. So I started All Shall Be Well as soon as I finished A Share in Death.

Jasmine Dent, Duncan’s downstairs neighbour is an enigma. Suffering from cancer at an advanced stage, her days are numbered. Yet when she is found dead in her sleep, Duncan can’t shake the feeling that something is amiss. His suspicion proves to be correct as autopsy reveals Jasmine died due to an overdose of morphine. Even though everything suggests a possible suicide, Duncan does not want to let go of his instincts and starts his private investigation with the help of his colleague Sergeant Gemma James.

All Shall Be Well is better than its predecessor in terms of characterisation. We know more about Duncan, especially his personal life. And then there is Gemma who plays more important role in this book. Gemma is struggling on home front as well. Her ex husband has vanished without a trace and she is stuck up with heavy mortgage and has to take care of her two year old son. But the character that I liked most is of Jasmine about whom we know more after her death. As Duncan tries to peep into Jasmine’s past, it reveals many layers of her personality – something that Duncan had not quite expected. But then Jasmine was an enigma even to people who were close to her and there were not many. Her friends and acquaintances play an important part in the mystery. There is bumbling Meg, her friend and colleague, Meg’s greedy and self-absorbed lover, Major Keith – Jasmine’s downstairs neighbour, her brother Theo and nurse Felicity. The ensemble of cast is limited and the mystery though good is not difficult to solve. There are clues cleverly left and if you are careful while reading, the mystery can be solved fairly early on. But still the book urges you to read on.

Now that I have warmed up to the series, I will try to keep up with it as fast as I can. I really like the way Crombie paces out her books in a nice, easy way and there is more of London in this book. Also I could see the hints of sparks that I am sure are about to fly between Duncan and Gemma sooner or later and that’s definitely reason enough to continue reading this series.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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