The Calling of the Grave – Simon Beckett

My Rating – 4/5

Summary –

Dr. David Hunter is called to assist when a body is discovered on Dartmoor. The grave belongs to a victim of serial killer Jerome Monk. There are two more missing graves that police are trying to locate. But the search fails miserably. Eight years later Monk has escaped and is running an agenda of his own. Sophie Keller, BIA from the search team contacts David asking for his help. But then things start going wrong and David realises that many things are not as he believed.

Review –

I immensely enjoyed The Chemistry of Death and was waiting to read the next books in David Hunter series. I have directly jumped to the fourth book but it can be easily be read as a standalone novel. David Hunter is called to help in a search operation to discover the graves of three teenagers killed by Jerome Monk. Monk, convicted and in prison has agreed to help Police in search. But the search goes fatally wrong with Monk trying to escape. Soon Hunter is hit by a personal tragedy and the mystery of missing graves becomes cold. But eight years later Monk has managed to escape and is targeting those associated with the original search.

The Calling of The Grave is fast paced. Even though the identity of the killer is not a secret, I could not put it down and finished it in two sittings. The mystery surrounds the missing graves and Monk’s histrionics while searching them. There are things, small and innocuous that Hunter feels are important but he cannot place them. After eight years, the lives of many from the original search has changed and the relationship between David, Sophie Keller, BIA of the police team and Terry Connors, SIO of the search operation play an important part in deciding the course of the story. The mystery is good and the twist in the end can catch you with surprise.

Beckett is an accomplished writer. David Hunter is a forensic anthropologist and even though his profession is gory, Beckett manages to describe it in an interesting manner without provoking revulsion. Beckett also uses the bleak, depressing setting of Dartmoor masterfully.

This is a really enthralling series and if you like fast paced crime fiction novels with an interesting protagonist then you ought to try it.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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