Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

gone girlMy Rating – 4.75/5

Summary –

Nick, an unemployed journalist and Amy are typical 30 something New York couple. Hit be recession, they moved to Nick’s home town in Midwest. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy disappears without a trace. There are signs of struggle in the house but police soon realise that they are staged. Therefore, Nick becomes their prime suspect. But is he really the cold blooded murderer as the media would like us to believe?

Review –

Finally, I can also say I have ‘discovered’ Gillian Flynn. Now I know why blogosphere was buzzing so much about Gone Girl last year. The description ‘psychological thriller’ will fall short to really explain Gone Girl. It is a story of love, hate, jealousy, revenge and above all, how twisted a relationship can be.

What makes this book so special is its structure. We are with Nick first, as he begins the story and from the start; we know that he is an unreliable narrator. He omits things, glosses over facts and we are not sure how much to trust him. Though he is not always telling the truth, we still cannot picture him as a cold-blooded killer. Then the next chapter is through Amy’s diary entries, starting from more than five years old ones. As we hop between present day story given by Nick and the past as told by Amy through her diary that paints a very different Nick, we are not sure any more if Nick really is what he seems. Half way through there is a complete twist in the story and we know that we were totally played.

Gone Girl is uncanny. It compels us to switch sides. Nick and Amy’s marriage in itself is another and probably most interesting character of this story. It is unnerving, absorbing and so convoluted that at times it looks like an intricate game of chess where Nick and Amy are always vying for one-upmanship.

Are there loopholes in the plot? Yes, quite a few especially towards the end but that will not stop you from tearing through the pages; the characters, the setting and above all the twisted nature of Nick and Amy’s marriage is so unsettling and Flynn has an ingenious ability to present a new twist when least expected.

It is impossible to review Gone Girl without divulging at least some of the mystery. Therefore, all I will say is – this is a book you simply must read. You may like it or hate it, but you will not be able to put it down for sure.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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