The Resistance Man – Martin Walker

ImageMy Rating –4/5

Summary –

Bruno’s peaceful life at St. Denis is under threat. The area is hit by professional burglaries of holiday homes. One of the burglary results in murder. As Bruno investigates, he realises it is not as simple as it looks. The murder is more a crime passionel than a simple burglary gone wrong but there are other elements involved like victim’s involvement in stolen goods and main culprit’s obsession with Neuvic train robbery of 1944.

Review –

I am a diehard Bruno fan and keep trotting this unabashedly as much as I can.  The Resistance Man, latest addition to this wonderful series is darker than its predecessors but also comes with the usual charm of St. Denis and of course Bruno’s finesse with elegant wines and his special recipes. This series is special because Walker maintains a fine balance between Bruno’s charming country life at St. Denis and a sinister murder inquiry.

When old Loic Murcoing, St. Denis’s last surviving resistance member dies, he leaves a mystery behind. He is clutching old 1944 bank notes at the time of death, notes from the loot of Neuvic train, a robbery worth 300 million euros. A spate of burglaries around St. Denis is keeping police on their toes. Burglary of Jack Crimson, retired British civil servant brings Brigadier and Isabelle back to St. Denis. This turns into murder inquiry of Francis Fullerton, a British antiques dealer. What looks like a burglary gone wrong takes a serious turn as Francis was known to deal in stolen goods. Bruno soon learns that Paul Murcoing, nephew of old Murcoing was romantically involved with Francis and this opens up another angle to mystery.

Bruno as usual is his witty self, self-assured, smart and with his local knowledge proves to be a valuable asset for various enforcing agencies. Of course, he is not alone in his pursuit of Paul. His competent women friends, Isabelle, Pamela and Fabiola, aid him. However, Bruno’s personal life is going through turmoil. Pamela meets with a serious accident while helping Bruno and Isabelle is going away on a new job to Netherlands.

Amidst all this, there is enough time for succulent food and wine. Bruno and his friends love to cook for each other and devour delicacies of the region. Walker has an eye for detail (owning a holiday home in Dordogne also helps) and we get a good idea of rural France, its people, local customs and traditions. Walker also makes discerning observations on the state of French politics.

Overall, a welcome addition to this lovely series and whole heartedly recommended.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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