Grandad, There’s A Head On the Beach – Colin Cotterill

GranddadMy Rating –4/5

Summary –

Settled in her new life in a remote southern Thai village, Jimm is always itching for action. When she finds a severed head washed ashore, Jimm swings into action. Battling apathy from system, she enlists help from her grandfather and her police friend Lt. Chompu. Blocked at every turn in her investigation, desperate to take the plight illegal Burmese migrants to the world, she turns to her hacker sister for help.

Review –

I enjoyed Jimm’s first outing very much. So as soon as I finished the first book, I picked up Grandad, There’s A Head On the Beach and it did not disappoint me. The plot is a roller coaster ride, sometimes even bordering on ridiculous. The characters are quirky, over the top, the climax probably unbelievable and the series could easily have been an “also ran” type. But Cotterill’s sincere and humane approach to bring out the plight of Burmese refugees makes it a different book. Under the veneer of humour Cotterill asks stinging questions, highlights the apathy of Thai towards Burmese, questions the centuries old animosity between the two and describes the system that exploits the Burmese who as “illegals” do not have any human rights.

There is a second minor plot involving a mother and daughter who seem to be on a run and lying low in Jimm’s hotel. Jimm, intrigued by this digs into their past with the help of her sister Sissy. The case involves vengeance by a family from Thai royalty as the daughter has snubbed them hard. Jimm finds an ingenious solution to their predicament and saves the family from certain elimination.

Cotterill has spent a good part of his working life in Southeast Asia and his rendering of these countries – Thailand and Laos (from his other series involving Dr. Siri) deserves applause. His love for these simple people and their culture, their fight against oppressive political regimes and social injustice in spite of heavy odds make both these series highly enjoyable.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

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