Book Finder

I am always on lookout for good books and that means sifting through a lot of sites. There are some really good meeting places for book lovers like Goodreads and Shelfari. They definitely tell you whether the book is worth buying or not but what I really like is a well written review by an independent blogger.

From this necessity arose the need to have an app that will give me the best reviews at a go when I search a particular book. Not being a techie myself, I was at a loss about how to achieve this. While aimlessly sifting through Google one late evening I came across Customised Search by Google and realised this is the thing for me.

So if you are looking for non commercial reviews on the books and want to find out some really amazing book bloggers this is the app for you !

Book Review Finder

Currently there are around 500 book blogs added in the search engine and I still have a long pending list. I will keep updating the engine as time permits. If you are a book blogger or want to suggest a book blog to me, write to me and I will add your blog/suggestion to the list. Just one condition – Make sure that the blog is an independent, non commercial blog and is mostly about books or book reviews.

Thank you and happy reading !!


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