About Me

How do you spot a book lover? Simple. A book lover always takes book to bed. I am a self-confessed book lover (sometimes to the irritation of my better half, though she herself is an avid reader).  I am addicted to books since I was a kid and have always enjoyed reading.

What do I read?

Anything under the sun; though my favourite topics are Finance, History and Mystery. History has always fascinated me and I equally enjoy books on business and finance – About markets and market movers and shakers.  My daily 9 to 6 avatar as a “Bean Counter” is also responsible for my keen interest in anything related to finance. Above all I am always game for good mysteries. You will also find Marathi books on this blog as I have grown up on these books and like them a lot.

Why Blog?

Just to let out my views and thoughts on the books I have read and liked. Maybe you will be interested in some of these books after reading my blog and that’s good enough for me. To be honest, I never thought or intended to do this as I am probably the laziest person on earth (“How beautiful it is to do nothing and rest afterwards!!” – My wife’s opinion on my laziness). It took an immense amount of pushing and poking from my wife and friends to write this. I am not as prolific reader and a natural writer as some of the other bloggers whose blogs I like to read and follow but I will try to post at least 2 reviews a month.

Review Policy

I own most of the books reviewed here. (Please don’t ask me to lend you one. I won’t. I am extremely possessive about my books). I will give my honest opinion about the books I read and what “clicked” for me in the book. You will mostly find positive reviews here as my blog name suggests because normally I don’t prefer to review the books that I did not like. (Why let others know that I spent foolishly?)

My Rating System

I have employed a 5 point rating scale with differential of 0.25. The reason for being so minute is to capture the subtle nuances that set apart one book from the other. Broadly my rating can be explained as follows –

5 Unputdownable – A page turner. I simply got irritated and yelled when disturbed while reading it.

4 Must have in your collection – I loved it. 100% recommended.

3 Enjoyed it – Definitely worth reading.

2 Should have spent my money on something else – Was OK OK…. I read it but not a re-read. Try to get it from your local library.

1 Did not like it.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    I liked your blog. I thought that we could do a few cross blog things.

    Would you be interested in reviewing my new book “Love, Peace and Happiness:What more can you want?”

    I could do an author interview on yours. I could also post your review on my fanpage referenced below which has more than 10,000 fans giving you a whole new set of visitors.

    Let me know if this makes sense for your blog.

    Rituraj Verma, author
    email: riturajverma2005@gmail.com


  2. Hi Avadhut, Just came across your response to a review of my of my books on chamber four. Many thanks for that! I don’t get many bad reviews but boy was that a stinker! If you’re interested I’d be happy to send you a review copy of Vish Puri 3 paperback (Butter Chicken) when it comes out this summer – and the fourth, The Case of the Love Commandos, which is going to be published in October. Look forward to reading your other reviews in the meantime. All the best, Tarquin


    • Thank you Tarquin for visiting my blog. This came as a real surprise!! 🙂 I never thought a favourite author of mine would actually visit my blog. And yes… I am really interested in your next book. So awaiting the review copy with my fingers crossed….


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